>“He is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.”Psalm 95:7, NIV

I don’t think I’ve ever shared what my favorite animal is with all of you.
It’s a lamb.
I’ll never forget the first time I was able to hold one.
In college, I actually took a job at a circus and

I had to wear these goofy red overalls, and a white, plastic safari hat.
Each day, after punching in, I’d go to the schedule to see where I was to report that day.
Sometimes I’d be at the admission booth, sometimes the gift shop (you know what I’m talking about…I’m sure you’ve all worked at the circus before….)
This particular day I was scheduled to work at the petting zoo.
The Shireland Circus had the most precious lamb in its petting zoo.
Her name was something like Lucy, regardless, I got attached to her.
She was so little and fuzzy, and had the humblest disposition.
Ever since then, I’ve wanted a lamb (Raul says I’ll get my lamb in heaven).

Hey, in the Psalms, David frequently talked about lambs because he was a shepherd.
He instinctively knew lambs required great care because of their dependence and stupidity.
Consequently, lambs effortlessly find themselves in trouble.
Funny, so do we.
So often we find ourselves off the pasture, into trouble and wondering how we got there.
Every day I effortlessly get myself in some kind of trouble.
Thankfully, this verse doesn’t exhort that we are near God’s pasture,
but that we are OF His pasture, and we are UNDER His care.
The bible also says that when just 1 lamb strays out of 99, God goes after the 1.
Well what’s one dumb lamb out of a hundred?
To God?
EVERYTHING.NO lamb is worth leaving. EVERY lamb is worth going after.
He has great interest and concern in our lives, even if we are in trouble….especially if we are in trouble!
Today, clutch tightly to the truth that YOU are ONE lamb in God’s flock, that YOU are EVERYTHING worth going after
You are so cared for; you are so precious to Him.

And if you find yourself far from the pasture, don’t worry about how to get back,
He’ll come right to you.

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