LeadHership – “Nothing’s On”

Easily, 5 days out of the week, our kids are in bed by 7:30pm. This leaves approx. 195 minutes for Raul and I to have selfish-time. And easily, I’d say 5 out of those 5 days, we stare at the TV and offer each other the same utterance, “Nothings on.”

Let’s press pause here: Do you ever say that?
OK, press play: Why is it that if “nothings” on…we don’t turn “nothing” off?

Though I’ve only done 2 food-fasts in my life…I’m telling ya, I think (for me anyway) a TV-fast could possibly be more challenging!

As leaders – Troy always reminds us that we need to be relentless thinkers, dreamers, and learners, and when we stop this, we stop leading.

Wouldn’t the primetime hours of TV actually be primetime hours of dreaming, thinking, and learning?
To shut-out the idiot-box and sponge-in things like books? journals? blogs? the Bible?

Is anybody with me on this? 
Post a comment, let me know your thoughts on, “Nothings On.”

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