As promised, here’s what I’d do if I was being led by more than one leader….

Let me explain why in a parenting-analogy:

The Cast:
Raul -daddy-leader
Me – mommy-leader
DJ – our 4-yr old follower

The Case:
Tonight, while I was at the gym, DJ asked Raul if he could have some grapes. Raul said no.When I got home from the gym, DJ asked me if he could have some grapes. I said yes.

In this silly example, each leader had led right, according to gut,
but you guys, in our daily grind, this can happen to us.
Though DJ didn’t exactly pray for guidance,
when this happens to us, with childlike faith, we should.

Our leaders are here for us to follow,
but God has always been there to lead.
We can always consult with Him, up there,
if leadership ever gets confusing down here.
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