>Well let me be straight up, here…committing to FIVE blogs on followship is a tad challenging.
But right now what I’m feeling, is to share with you some of the peeps I follow. 

We all lead and have folks who follow us, but I hope this post will help you get to know who I follow 
AND help me keep a healthy perspective.
‘Cause leading can give you a big head, man. Perhaps listing who we follow can offer us a little head-shrinking, eh? 
And maybe you bloggers out there can list who you follow too? Or not. Anyway, here we go………………….
1. God -read more about my #1, here: biblegateway
2. Raul – he doesn’t blog, but he loves to read this one: swerve.lifechurch
3. Rob & Rach Funk – they don’t blog either, but my p.’s attend an awesome church,willowcreek
4. Troy & Steph Gramling, get to know them: troygramling & stephaniegramling
5. Allen & Sharon – lot of experience, lot of wisdom, lot of fun
6. DJ & Andy – I know they’re 4 & 2, respectively, but in a way only I can know, I follow them. If I don’t follow where God takes them, I’ll miss priceless opportunities.
7. John Ortberg – he’s mentored me even when I was a drunk-punk. I hope to meet him someday: mppcfamily
8. Nancy Beach -again, mentoring me from afar since I was in h-school. If you are creative & in ministry you should follow her too: nancybeach
9. Larry King – in a roundabout way, I follow him every night: larry.king.live
10. Long-Time Friends: Kim, Christia, Liana, Keri, Shannon, Jeni, Michele – they’ve stuck with me for a long time (no easy task) and I am grateful.

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