>For the most part, I’ve talked about following, as it pertains to people.

This time, I’ll spin it different: following, as it pertains to things.
With these things, what do you follow? The high road? The low road? The middle road? Or no road?
1. Food
2. Exercise
3. Books
4. Entertainment
5. Rest
6. Faith
7. Money
8. Internet
9. Tollbooths
OK, well I can’t very well ask you to answer and not answer myself. But trust me, its tougher to blog your answers to the public than just answer them in your head!! Here are my answers as they correlate to the above list.
1. High road
2. Middle road
3. Middle road
4. Middle road
5. High road
6. High road
7. Low road
8. High
9. Middle/Low (hey, if it’s a change-only booth and I don’t have any, what am I suppose to do!??!!)
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