OK, leaders – we lead, right? But how do we fight? I don’t mean take him or her out back & see who will throw the first punch (which, btw, happened to me in 7th grade). But how do we, as leaders, handle conflict?

I think if its a unilateral conflict (you vs. someone alongside you), follow what the bible says and do what you have to do (in private) til you can walk away agreeing or agreeing to disagree. And leave it there!! Don’t ever take it with you, to be exposed to the rest of the team.
What if you have conflict w/ YOUR leader? Well, again, we can look to the bible, where we are clearly told to submit to our authority. The ultimate vision hasn’t been given to us, its been given to the one leading us (otherwise we’d be in the bigger office). So push the envelope, but don’t push your way out of a job.
What if, as a leader, you have it out with one of your followers? Hum…I am not going to speak to this because I am not very good at it. Sorry, but this blog is no good if I dish out bogus advice.
Well these are my quick thoughts on leading and fighting, what are yours?
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