These are pix from July 4th, and this team is our FRC-Doral campus. Again, I tip my hats to my Flamingo-friends. They sweated alot to reach out on the 4th. South Florida in July is bloody hot, man. It got me thinking about Jesus. In his leadership, I’m sure he sweated alot for the sake of reaching out. He didn’t have a car w/ AC to get from one soulful task to the next. He didn’t have a vacation place to escape to, in between healing missions. Jesus was a man on his feet, sweating in desertland, all for the sake of reaching out. Do you think….that in order to “lead it” we sometimes have to be willing to “sweat it?” The ultimate display of this, of course, is the carrying of a cross on a back, after being whipped, all the way up a hillside, then being nailed to it. Sobering thought.

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