OK, so, leaders lead because they exhibit tenacity in the face of danger; they have courage in the unknown; they model strength in the midst of weakness……..right? 
Right. But not always.
I am TOTALLY scared to death about something.

I feel like I have fear-flu: an all-over pain in my joints, my organs, my chest, and yes, even in my intestines. 
I’m just wondering…do we think its OK to cut leaders some slack when they feel chicken?
In other words, will it suck the leadership out of a leader if the leader is at least bold enough to admit they’re scared?
With the topic of fear, I always think of Daniel in the bible.
Did he become a leader as a result of not being scared when thrown into a den of lions?
Because Daniel was scared to death, and came out of it better (lit. & fig.), he became an amazing leader?
Hum….hey, if you can translate this post into something, will you send along your thoughts? Y
our words could be the answer to many chicken’s prayers
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