>I have my daily quiet time in the morning.
Before kids came, I read and journaled for about 30 min.’s.
Today, with little kids, I read and write for about 15 min.’s.

Right now I am reading the NIV bible and I write in cheap-o journals (Walmart, & clearance tables at Barnes and Noble have great ones).
I thought I’d share a recent entry…word for word.
(warning: some of this will make no sense).
Don’t know what any of you will get out of reading this,
but felt led to do it so I am.

July 8
whom the Son sets free is free indeed! You are the way, the truth and the life, you are my King adn your love is amazing.
Thank you for:
-helping me write my teaching
-helping Gar teach this weekend
-Raul – my best friend who I trust the most on Earth
-your daily favor in our life: home, rest, health
-DJs 1st teacher, Mrs. Mora, and her permanent investment in his life.
Lord, I pray for:
-the FRC campuses, for them to grow, by even one today
-my teaching next weekend, empty me of myself
-Gar, Melissa, Allen, Sharon, Matt, Steve, Sammy
-Amy – please keep that baby in her womb, please keep baby safe til full term
-please give me patience w/ Andy and DJ; discernment for when to discipline

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