OK, so this is old news, but when I stumbled across these pix, it felt brand new again.
Two years ago, my youngest bro, Chris, got baptized at my church’s Beach Baptism.
In the photos are Chris, Pastor Allen, Pastor Raul, Jason (my oldest-youngest bro) and me.
While Chris was living here in S. Florida, attending my church, I got to “lead” him a bit.
Not because I am any more holier than he is; simply led him by example and relentless prayer.
I’m his big sister, that’s my job.
Do you realize the scope of your leadership?
Do you really grip the fact that no matter who you are, where you are, what you’ve done,
IF you follow Christ, THEN you are a leader!?!?!
You are in leadership to lead people to Him.
You gotta embrace that!
Who are you leading to Jesus?
Who are you leading to church?
Who are you leading to the water?
We don’t have alot of time, so let’s get it started, man!
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