I have been waiting 5 years for this vacation. But the road to where we are was not without hassle. As tempted as I am to give my top 100 reasons why NOT to travel thru the air, I will instead give a couple observations I had WHILE traveling. And, someway, somehow, tie it to leadership.

1. At the Ft. Laud. airport, 2 Peruvian men did not speak English. The airline-Nazi directing the flow of the line was so rude to them. Thankfully, Raul stopped & noticed and took on good-Samaritan skin—helping these 2 lost & confused travellers, all the way from the baggage check-in to their gate. Leadership Point – don’t ignore rudeness and don’t dish out rudeness, instead….kill it with kindness.

2. Upon arriving to the resort, 2 couples are at the guest service desk. Raul & I, and another couple in their 60s. Both couples there to voice a concern. Ours? They left Raul’s luggage in Florida. This is a legitimate concern and a BIG reason to be ticked off – but we’re on vacation, so we filled out paperwork & went on our merry way. However, all the while, the other couple was complaining about something too. Conversely, it was truly unbelievable how the woman was acting! She started yelling at her husband, then she took her hat off and threw it at his face and stomped off yelling–leaving him there, in front of an audience, in a pile of shame and humiliation. Leadership Point – when the stress level is totally at its peak and we are w/ others, our best leadership skill will be NO action verses psycho-reactions.
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