>Today, my little family & I went to the Miccosukee Festival
I’ve lived here 10 years, & never visited any of the Indian reservations 
indigenous to S. Florida. 
As we walked around, I realized there was a real culture here: 
starving to survive, yet not to be reckoned with. 
I was taken aback by how closed-in I am, and how wide-open the world truly is. 
As we made our way to the main attraction what a blessing it was when the band performing was a family from Peru. (Hey, we totally have an 
FRC campus in Lima, Peru!) 
This family was so talented, so generous, so passionate. 
And as we sat there and thoroughly enjoyed their performance, 
I felt like Frosty-Tinman, who’s skin began to melt; who’s heart began to soften.
Man, I thought, “
Bono gets it; Live Earth gets it; Green Day gets it;Nickelback gets it; Oprah gets it!”
They find pockets of need in cultures that aren’t theirs. 
They’re trying to find needs and trying to fill them.
So who do I think I am?
As I listened to this beautiful Peruvian group, & my eyes skimmed the Indian women at the craft tables, 
I realized I have an addiction within my self: 
Leaders, I think I heard God today–through the different music and the people unfamiliar.
And I think He said
“You wanna lead? Then lead with eyes wide open.
If you blink at certain others, then you don’t see the world the way I see it;
& if you don’t see it the way I see it,

how can you change it?”

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