>When I was in college, my roommate, Shelly and I headed downtown Chicago to my Uncle’s pub. On our way back, cruisin’ down Interstate 90, Shelly started to feel the repercussions of a long night of bevaraging. Moments later, losing control of her bodily functions (and losing control in general) she was kind enough to not vomit on me. 
Rather, she projected her vomit all over my dashboard, my passenger window, and my fabric-ed passenger door. 
Surely, it was the most disgusting thing. 
But wait, there’s more. 
Shelly had just pigged out on a chicken salad sandwich & grape laffy-taffy. So….
So we got back to the dorm, & way too tired to clean my car, decided to just leave it. 
And due to the facts that it was snowing and there’s often vandalism, elected to keep all the windows rolled up.
And who got the privilege of not only opening my car door the next day but getting bull-dozed over by the most atrocious odor EVER, 
AND had to clean it several times only to have minimal results in its odor-removal? 
Yours truly.
Whats my point?
Does it stink when people barf all over you?
It can. Literally and figuratively.
Three of my biggest influences, Sharon, Kelli, & Steph, have taught me alot (namely by action) about not puking all over others with their problems.
Prior to their influence in my life, I was lured by this fallacy that strong friendships were built by letting each other barf every crisis, trial, downer, boo-boo, incident, & detailed frustration over one another.
Thru these guys, I’ve learned better:

People can’t rid the odor, or clean our “barf” as well as God can.
So Christ came and Christ said, “Come to ME when you are weary” (
Matt 11:28)
Perhaps the best thing we can do for ourselves is give it all to Him before barfing it all over another.
Good ole’ Shelly. I have her to thank for teaching me to not mix grape laffy-taffy & chicken salad.
But its good buds like Steph, Sharon and Kelli I have to thank for showing me that the best thing you can “barf” all over a friend is just a ton of God’s love.

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