>Esther. It’s not a book in the bible I pay alot of attention to. I guess I figure it’s a story I already know. HA! I know nothing! 
‘Cause today, I read Esther 5:9-13 and it shouted “Wake up, fool!” right to my soul:
Now you’d think I’d be changed by something Esther did. Oh no, not me. 
No, God had to convict me about something this Haman-joker did in Esther 5.
Haman wasn’t a human being, he was a “haman being” — a guy so full of himself.
Alas! Note to self:
don’t say things like:
“I had this great idea…”

“What do you think of my new…”

“You should have seen me…”
“I don’t mean to brag, but…”
“I’m never wrong…”
“I know it won’t fail…”
When I talk like that, it’s not just a bunch of words. 
It’s a bunch of words coming from a cocky heart. 
“Jesus, please give me a heart of humility; a heart willing to not get credit, to not esteem itself, to not be noticed. Jesus, please take away my Haman being.”

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