>When I was a little tyke, my p.’s were like hippy-Christians. I remember many-a-weekend where their hippy-buds would come over for “house-church,” and they’d all show up with their kids & potluck dishes in tow. We lived out in the country, on one long & lonely road where there were 3 houses on it and nothing but rows of corn in between. As our parents would worship and study the bible in our living room, we kids would play outside, the good ole’ games: kick the can, firefly catching, hide-n-seek in the corn fields, freeze tag. 
One of my little buds was a girl named “Jess”.
I remember making fun of “Jess” alot. She was from a blended family, she had a funny last name (as if I didn’t), and, well, gosh, I don’t know, I just made fun of her.
“Jess” had a very difficult upbringing. Too difficult to blog about. I would never describe the details to you. But it was a very, very difficult upbringing.
Years later, long after parting ways and now living in different states, I got some news. “Jess” had found her little brother dead in his bed. He had shot himself. He was only 15 or 16. My brother (who was the same age as her bro and who grew up playing with them) and I drove back to Ohio to attend the funeral. What can I say? It was one of the saddest things my eyes had ever seen.
And after all “Jess” had been through in her life, now this. 
I don’t know where “Jess” is today. But she was on my heart. I wish I could take back all the teasing I did to her. And I wish I could just sit down over coffee and just let her talk. But I can’t. 
I guess I’d like to say that if you have someone you’d like to sit down with, do it today.
Tomorrow you may not be here. Tomorrow, they may not be here.
Don’t let time be your culprit for absences in your heart.

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