>One time, when I was lying on an operating table for a broncoscopy, they were just getting ready to jam a big tube into my nostril when I felt the strong urge to pray.
So I thought, “for every letter in the alphabet, I’ll come up with a word for God.”
I thought this might pass the time; stretch my creativity; take the focus off me;
& give Him some long overdue praise!
Well, it stuck with me and I’ve been doing it ever since.
It’s like 26 ways of letting Jesus know how much I love Him.
When I journal, when I worship, when I pray,
I’ll walk thru the ABCs.
And to take it a step further, I’ll try to come up with different words each time (with the exception of Q, X, and Z, not much you can do with those letters)
Anyway, it goes something like this:
Dear Father, you are Almighty, Beautiful, Creative, Destined, Everlasting,Faithful, Glorious, Holy, Incredible, Joy, King of Kings, Love, Mighty,Noble, Omnipresent, Perfect, Quintessential, Redeeming, Safe, True,Undeniable, Victorious, Wonderful, Xcellent, Yahweh, Zealous….Amen!

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