DJ, in his happier days with uninjured eyes.

DJ, in his not-so-happier days.

It gets your heart racing when you hear break-the-sound-barrier shrieks from a kid.
It gets your heart racing when you run to the scene and blood is pouring from their eye.
That’s my little man, DJ, up there.
He got poked with a sharp metal stick thingy and unfortunately it cut his eye, right on the lid, just beneath the lashes. But fortunately, it missed his eyeball (thank you for your protection, God).
The doctor couldn’t use the glue stuff cause it was to deep so they actually had to needle those 2 stitches right in there.
My poor little guy.
If you feel sorry for this kiddo, send him a comment today.
He’s laid up today and would get a kick out of reading them.
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