• In Ancient Greece, a courier named Phidippides could run 155 miles in two days.
  • The Pony Express could travel 1,966 miles from Missouri to California in 10 days.
  • Using email, I can send a message around the world in a few seconds.

Times are a changing.
Thankfully, so am I.

  • Before being hugely influenced by my pastor & his wife I would judge people within a few seconds. A couple yrs. ago, I remember judgingJoel Olsteen. I merely saw him and immediately judged him. I had some nerve.
  • Last year, I remember prematurely judging a new person to our team. Though not within seconds, but still…within days. Right after this person came on board, I calculated in my head what they would and would not be able to do. It’s been over a year, this person has not only done what I thought they could do, but also shown there is nothing they won’t do. Gosh I’m ashamed.
  • Today, I had an opportunity where there was no time to judge. As I exited a ramp and slowed down to wait at a stoplight, a woman walked toward me with a sign, “Please help. Homeless. God Bless You.” I rolled down my window, handed her a $20 along with aFlamingo card and continued driving.
I hate it that I judge. Hey, no offense, but I think I’m gonna finish this post with God today. God, I stink at judging. I’m so sorry. Please continue to evolve me into a girl who judges less and loves more. Please remove my planks
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