>I gotta tell you about this chic named Carly Fiorina. I’ve never met her. Until today, I had never heard of her. And when I did see her, I only saw her from a distance for only 20 minutes. Bill Hybels
was interviewing her at the 
Willowcreek annual Summit Conference in my Windy City.
As he did, I couldn’t take my ears off her words, nor my pencil off my journal as I wrote down every one of them.
As if my leadHership had lost some voltage, God used her to electrify it.
Immediately following her interview, I bolted to the resource table to buy her memoir, 
“Tough Choices.”
She is woman (duh).
She is a leader.
She is a change-agent in our world.
Just ONE of things I got from the interview was her relentless pursuit of truth. Great leaders come w/ alot of great qualities, but her defining quality was truth. You’ll have to read her book to get all the scoop. But here’s the deal. When my leadership gets racked over the coals, when my leadership is put to a flaming test, do I…will I…ALWAYS go for the truth?
Carly was blind sighted at a board meeting when she walked in and was fired and was told to cover up the truth w/ some budge reason that it was her choice to step down to pursue other things. THIS is what THEY wanted HER to tell the media and the 
company. But she told the truth. And I think in her life, in mine, in yours….when we do, HE sets us free. He sets us free to what? To see that on the other side of telling the truth, HE has something better.

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