>I was wondering what you would think if I told you I saw a counselor last week?
I was wondering if you’d think….what?! 
But isn’t she, like, one of those Christian-people? a pastor’s wife? a leader at her church? 

Doesn’t this quote-unquote leadHer have it all together?
Would anybody check out of this blog if I told you I saw a counselor last week?
Please hear me, I’m not on the defensive, I’m just wondering….
With this blogging thing, one thing I’m deeply convicted about is honesty.
I’m not gonna waste blogging air-time, or your time
if I’m just good at typing lip-service or disingenous thoughts.
This blog is gonna be for real. 
I’m really gonna be honest and the day I feel lured not to be, 
I’m no longer open for business.
God’s just not gonna honor dishonesty on this blog.
‘Though it’s tempting to blog on things I feel strong about, 
I’ve done nothing if I’m not honest about the things I feel weak in.
Folks, look, straight up….here’s the deal…I went and saw a counselor last week.
Bam. There it is. I said it.
And you wanna know something funny? I have been seeing counselors since I was 10 years old.
When I was 10, my parents found a letter of mine that raised concern, so they had me see a counselor….and I’ve never regretted that.
All my life there have been 2 constants: my struggles and my counselors.
And you know what the bond is between the two of those?
God knows my struggles and my counselors know God.
And as long as I’m on this globe, I can not imagine a world without both.
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