>In the last week, I’ve heard some really cool people say some really cool things. Some are from a leadership conference I attended. Some are not. But here it is, in their words. I hope one of them hits you right where you are.

  1. “He didn’t make you a leader to deprive you a vision.” – Billy Hybels
  2. “Let them all know that it was a miracle.” – Pete Guyon
  3. “The way to solve the F’s is through the A’s.” – Marcus Buckingham
  4. “I want to be remembered that I served truthfully and left behind a good family…positions are fine but they all come to an end.” – Colin Powell
  5. “The next generation’s bread will be determined by the grain we leave behind.” – Troy Gramling
  6. “In your word it says even the rocks will cry out to you, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a rock praising Him more than me.” – Brian Fuller
  7. “I had made mistakes but I had made a difference.” – Carly Fiorina
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