At the end of this day, DJ ended up smiling. Pastor Allen and Miss Sharon had given him a little jar of “Boo Boo Cream.” I told DJ this will help his eye in 2 ways: help the ouch, remove the tears. So at first, I was gonna blog that’s just like God! He gives us Boo-Boo cream too, for the same 2 reasons. But that seemed too trivial, too trite. So I drilled down a little deeper with this idea (TroyFullerHeredes) & discovered a more penetrating revelation (to me, anyway):
In my quiet time, I am reading Job. What I’m learning is that God paradoxically works: 
Sometimes HE allows the boo-boo; eventually, He offers some boo-boo cream.
When does He offer His boo-boo cream?
For some of us, we’ll get it on Earth. For some of us, we’ll get it in Heaven.
Two examples:
. I used to be obsessed with my image. I had done ALOT of stupid things to myself and to others all in the name of image (or, lack thereof). This was a serious boo-boo. At 25, God sent boo-boo cream in the form of a book, Search for Significance–been healed ever since. I’m significant because God made me and the only thing I need to believe, as far as image is concerned, is that I was made in HIS IMAGE!
2. There’s a couple of things that have been done to me that I will never understand why. I’ll never be able to confront it. I’ll never know justice to these matters on Earth….I’m learning I don’t need to. I think, sometimes, some of our boo-boos matter SO MUCH to God, that He’d rather wait til we get to Heaven to receive His healing. 
Where He doesn’t just offer boo-boo cream, but where He can embrace us as He heals us with it.
Maybe you are right here with me.

Whether God heals with the tenderness of his fingerprint today, tomorrow, or forever, 
I am tightly holding to His promise that He always will.

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