I received my first journal in 1984 as a Christmas present from my grandma. Thought I’d share a couple entries from it…

April 16, 1985
Today was my 1st day of cheerleading [practice]. I was superb. I did everything perfect and the teachers were amazed. I have a cheer that I hope is okay well I’ll find out!
April 22, 1985
I didn’t make cheerleading. It makes me mad because the reason I didn’t make it was because I missed to much school. The stupid judges didn’t say anything about not being in school, its not my fault. I’m not trying out again, I’ll probably get the stupid same excuse. Its going to be hard to go to school tomorrow. But I can do it. I feel sordove [sort of] depressed I guess. I’m going right up to Mrs. Ware the head judge and I’m going to ask her why I didn’t make it.

Man, as I reread this, I can tell my personality hasn’t changed much, eh?
(Mom, Dad, Sue, are you cracking up at the tone and verbage of little Heather?)
Its intriguing…I see pride issues in the 4/16/85 entry, anger issues in the 4/22/85 entry,
and the continual struggle of both 22 years later.
What a discovery this is, to see that I haven’t changed much;
what a reminder this is, to know that all I need is God to start trying.
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