>My naked pastor and my naked pastor’s wife are with me in Texas 
(ok, kidding, I’m with them and yes, I’m the 3rd wheel).
We are Floridians in Texas cause my naked pastor is teaching at Fellowship Church(& leaving his church in good hands with our non-naked pastors.)
On my VIP-LeadHer list, Troy & Steph have held the 4th spot for a long time (following God, My Cuban, my P.’s)
But while drinking good coffee, I had some good convo w/ them & learned some good things:

  • Talk to strangers: a waiter aspiring to be a dee-jay ; a hotel guest on the elevator. For two reasons: a stranger is still a neighbor; we could also be helping an angel.
  • Be me. Don’t be gray, don’t be black-n-white, don’t be a prism of many colors, as much as I just gotta be moi.
  • When its my darkest hour; lean into others. Oh sure, it’s a risk, but it’s the BETTER of two risks (if the other risk is to walk through my darkest hour with no one.)
Have a great day, my blogger-friends. I’m so grateful you stopped by here today. Will you please pray for a few things? Our hurting Lima, Peru, the hurricane heading toward Texas, and the miners who are missing and the lives who were lost searching for them.
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