Sometimes our life IS Groundhog’s Day – the exact same minute-by-minute insanity, day in- day out. I have to accept this, I have to deal with it. Wake up, turn the alarm off, get out of bed, start the day. At least I am able to start each day – there are many who aren’t even that fortunate.

I don’t need to look at my day as A DAY. I need to see it as steps WITHIN my day.
Step one: wake up. Yes! Did it! Victory!
Step two: quiet time. Yes! Did it! Another victory!
Step three: got DJ to 1st day of kindergarten. Yes! Did it! And yet another victory!
And on it goes.
An entire day is too much to sum up as worthy or wasted.
But steps we take within each day
provides more reason(s) to be glad.
Thanks, Bill Murray! Your movies are hilarious and helpful.
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