>I’ve kept my little poem-journal since 1986! Though I stopped writing in it years ago, I thought it’d be kind of cool to revisit. In 1995, I wrote this one when I was all screwed up in my life and frustrated with my faith. I was 22 years old. Its totally cheesy, but does remind me of some important matters of the heart.

I stopped being a Christian
I gave it up for two days
I became a compromise
Things didn’t go my way.

I stopped being a Christian
I thought my prayers weren’t heard
Isn’t anybody out there?
Isn’t anyone concerned?

I stopped being a Christian
Although nothing wasn’t bad
My nothing didn’t get better
Now nothing was all I had.

I stopped being a Christian
But He spoke up and said
You don’t stop when you’re with me,

if you get up, I’ll take you ahead.

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