No, this is not a google image. This is the real thing. I was really in the Dallas airport, I really saw an iPod vending machine, and I really took a picture. And yes, I really did check to see if there were any iPhones in there – there weren’t. But is this a trip or what? Vending machines started off with providing us sustenance to keep our bodies functioning. Just insert coins, select A9, get a bag of pretzels and the hunger need is satisfied. So this just begs the question: has iPod become so vital to our existence that it has crossed over from want to need? Is it so pertinent to our daily lives that we need iStuff in accessible machines at daily locations? So we can drop quarters into a big, steel box & select A9, to get our fill? Or maybe…our fix? I’ll let you answer that. Here’s how I can answer it – this vending machine caught my eye, but it didn’t get my money.

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