For our firstborn, DJ, it was a rough first week of kindergarten.

Raul & I knew we had to take this on, seek God, and do something.
But what????
Our options had equal (+)s and (-)s.
Don’t you hate that?
It’s like, “God, PLEASE, I’ll do anything you want, but PLEASE tip the scale one way or the other!”
But He didn’t, and that’s OK.
By the end of the week, we blindly proceeded with our seemingly sensible decision. But it’s what God did afterwardthat reminded us that He never turns deaf ears or blind eyes to our cries.
In this week of not knowing what to do,
I am so glad that God did know what to do.
Oh, sure, we could ask, “Well then why didn’t He do it?”
He did.
He LET us pray to Him and He let us be heard.
He LET us be the recipients of HIS wisdom THRU others.
He LET us come together as a husband and wife and lean into each other for DJ’s sake.
He LET us make our decision (to put DJ back in K4).
And then He LET us know, (after the fact) that His peace and His contentment are some of His favorite gifts to give when we are blindly faithful.
Next week will be a new week for DJ – he’s going into a new class so he can do better.
It’ll be a new week for me too – I’m going into it with a new outlook on God, I’ll do better too.
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