Being the good mama andwifey I try to be, I make several trips to Publix every week (where shopping is a pleasure). I do this to ensure that my little family has plenty-o-sustenance to nourish their manly, little bodies. Tonight was no exception. After the kiddos went night-night, I went toPublix. When I got back, my Cuban was kind enough to help me bring in the groceries. And then he proceeded to make fun of me AND my new green, recyclablePublix bags (see photo). I cautioned him that if he made fun of my bags that I’d blog about it. Uh-hum. Look, I’m not some crazy tree humper-hugger-granola-no deodorant weirdo. But I do have a heart for God’s Green Earth, and the preservation of it. It devastated me when we lost 2 palm trees in Hurricane Wilma. And when DJ started to axe a tree in our backyard with his sword, we had a serious talk. We need trees. I don’t know all the reasons why, but I know we need ’em. They are a part of God’s creation & surely they were bountiful in God’s perfect Earth called Eden. And, well, that’s really all I need to know to do my best to preserve them. So, here’s to green baggin‘ it and if you want some for yourself, go to www.greenbag.info and get some, & then let my Cuban know you did. : )

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