I’m going to internally combust if I don’t share this with you.
This is my very-favorite-of-all-times-numerouno quote:
-Charles Spurgeon
This quote just begs me to think deeply and to move determinedly.
When I want to give up, I just imagine Noah and ALL the animals hanging out in the ark…getting impatient, wanting to close the door, ready to go.
I imagine Male-Snail and Female-Snail going as fast as they can, but the ark seeming so far away.
I imagine that nobody or no animal got off the ark to go and help the snails.
And I imagine that nobody or no animal had to.
‘Cause the snails had God, and He was gonna make sure they made it.
And we know, to this day, that they did.
Hey, I’d love to know what (if at all) this quote speaks to you.
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