>This Sunday, we are kicking off our new mynakedpastor.com series with a LIVE launch party on the web. You can’t forget it cause the date is 9/9 @ 9pm. Hope you’ll be there, I will be one of the hosts of this event – and if you log in, I’ll send a shout out to you for the whole world to see!

I wanted to give my naked thoughts as we head into this 5 week series at my church.
Awhile back, God and I wrestled on what parts of my life I should share and what parts I should keep between Him and I.
And I just want to clarify that getting naked with others doesn’t mean baring all the gory details of your life. When we talk about getting naked, what I think we’re talking about is Jesus, himself. Jesus was WHO HE WAS, ALL THE TIME. He was naked and unashamed in WHO God made Him to be. He put on no airs, he wasn’t comprised of many layers. He wasn’t mysterious. He wasn’t a chameleon or a phantom. 
He was unadulterated, raw Jesus, every day of His life.And that is what naked means to me.
It’s not parts of my life that I chose to conceal or reveal. 
Me getting naked with you, especially via blog, is me being me.
Its not me being or trying to be anyone else.
Its my unveiled, non-plastic, mask-off Heather.
And as I am, I hope others are drawn to the Light that is easily seen thru somthing willfully transparent.

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