For a year I’ve prayed, “God, give me eyes to see things You’d see.” He’s answered. 
And it’s not an easy answer–‘cause some of the things I see that compel me to do what I need to do are tough. 
On Sunday, after leaving Barnes & Noble, a beggar approached me and asked for money. I showed her the inside of my purse, proving that I meant it when I said, “I don’t have any.” She said, “At least pray for me.” I assured her, as a pastor’s wife, I would. Then, I got in my car and could have hit myself on the head with a mallet, ’cause true, I didn’t have any cash, but I DID have $6 in change. Determined to find this beggar so I could give her my change, I hit the parking lot. For 15 minutes I searched for her on foot. Fruitless, I got in my car and drove around searching for her. Fruitless again. She had vanished. Frustrated and rueful, I headed home.
Yesterday, DJ was smashing his little race car…the one that, “doesn’t go fast anymore. ” I motherly explained to him that some boys don’t have any race cars and they’d be grateful to have just one…even if it isn’t fast. After this heartfelt chat, DJ and I settled on the idea that he could mail his slow race car to one of those boys. I went back in the house.
This morning, I noticed the red flag on the mailbox was up. “Funny” I thought to myself, “I didn’t do that.” When I opened the mailbox, I found not 1, but 3 race cars, waiting to be picked up and delivered to those boys.

God will give us His eyes to see people who need us to do things for Him. 
My missed-opportunity was in the parking lot on Sunday, but I’m fulfilled 
by the made-opportunity I’m vicariously having thru my son.

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