This Sunday, our church is having Beach Baptism at 3pm on Fort Lauderdale Beach. 
It’s a big event in our church AND in my home. We love to go to God’s blue ocean, sit in God’s seashelly sand, and see 100s of God’s people wade into the water. We don’t just love to see this, we love to celebrate this. When the dunkees come up out of the water, my kids clap! They want to see, “More! More!” Here’s a pic when Raul gotthe chance to baptize my youngest bro, Chris:

Baptism is a Holy Moment that stands apart:
Where an audience is cheering for you on Earth,
AND an audience is cheering for you in Heaven.
I have no clue who reads this crazy blog of mine, but if you do & you haven’t been baptized, show up at the beach this Sunday….please.
Give Andy and DJ a reason to clap and cheer.
Give God a reason to rejoice.
Give yourself a reason to restart.

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