As of late, this is the best way I can explain my life:
Humpty Heather sat on a wall
Humpty Heather had a great fall
All the kings horses, all the kings men
Didn’t put Humpty Heather back again.
But Humpty Heather is in God’s plan
And Humpty Heather has her Cuban
They’re working hard & working together
Ain’t gonna have a broken Humpty Heather!

Friends, sometimes we fall. And lest we do, we mustn’t feel like it’s over.
It’s just like us to fall & break– 
but it’s just like God to put us back together.
If you feel like Humpty, don’t despair.
It only means you get Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Alpha, the Omega, the Savior, the One and Only…..
to put wonderful, priceless, beautiful you back together again.
It’s His honor to do it, 
it’s our honor to have Him.

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