>Hey Everybody! Sorry for the blog-delay. I am at this SWEETconference in Indiana with my church fam. Tomorrow, my pastoris speaking at it! Of course you can go on this adventure with me AND watch my pastor if you tune intohttp://www.mynakedpastor.com/.

I had an unexpectedly wonderful birthday. I’d like to send out HUMONGOUS props to:
Raul, my Cuban for the iPhone and the surprise bday party.
Allen & Sharon for helping the Cuban pull it off.
Kelli, Sharon, & Steph for taking me out to lunch and hooking me up with something
leopard-y & pumpkin-y!
Melissa & Ansley for the most aromatic roses.
Heredes & Marcy for sucking helium, killing brain cells just to sing Happy Bday.
My CHURCH FAM, who were kind enough to take time out of their significant lives to take notice of a seemingly insignificant day to them…Sept. 25.
My relatives, for celebrating this day for 34 years with me…and never getting tired of it.
Felicia, Oana, and Damaris – for going above and beyond the call of friendship to celebrate with me, to make me laugh, to make me cry, to include me in your lives.

Here are some pix. I hope you enjoy them, we enjoyed taking them for you!

God Bless You,
and know…
EVERY DAY you are the BIGGEST blessing to Him

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