>“I have seen his ways, but I will hear him; I will guide him and restore comfort to him.” Isaiah 57:18

We don’t know each other very well, but your recent email gave me a nudge that it’s to you I will dedicate this 4th Quiet Shout. 
I am sorry for your recent news, although you seem to have a great handle on the diagnosis and prognosis!
Remember that one time we met for coffee? You tried to sell me something and I tried to “sell” you God? Well, I don’t know where you are with Him, but I am praying you are one step closer than when we met. 
And I just wanted you to know that when we are emotionally and physically afflicted, nobody truly knows more than Jesus. He endured the greatest of afflictions when He hung on the cross. And He is the ultimate Red Cross who can rescue our lives with the greatest of healing and the deepest of hope. 
I prayed for you today and I just wanted you to, one more time, that God loves you very, very much. 
And as you move forward with medicine, I hope God moves IN and becomes your Red Cross Savior.

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