We were at this conference in Indiana. And right there, smack dab in the middle of the conference lawn, Ricky & I decided to do cartwheels. (Props, Igor, for capturing it).
Sometimes, its good to let your hair down (sorry, Ricky) and do something unpredictable, eh? You see that onlooker in the background? Maybe seeing us do something out-of-the-ordinary inspired him to do something out-of-the-ordinary? What if spontaneity & fun were pay-it-forwards? Where our spontaneity blesses another, and in turn, comes back to bless us? King David was a regimented leader, but the bible says one time he danced for joy in the streets…NAKED (see more onnaked here). Though his spontaneity ticked off his wife, it paved the way for others to release their crazy-joy too.
Once in awhile, I like to unleash my unpredictability. Are you with me? Do tell!
Many will be inspired by YOUR cartwheel-in-the-lawn!
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