Oh my gosh! I have the most gargantuan blemish on my face. It is driving me CRAZY. We don’t have jack-o-lanterns on our front porch–we don’t need to–I’ve provided my family with the biggest, brightest, scariest jack-o-blemish. Nobody looks at my eyes anymore – everyone gazes at this freakshow on my face. Its so bad that I talk with my hand “conveniently” over my mouth – as if I have a secret to tell the world.
But you know the old adage: if you can’t fix it, blog about it!
OK, so I’ve tried: Clearasil, Cortisone, Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hr cream, Visine (to take the red out?), hot water, a blow dryer, cover-up…I think that’s it, so far.
Why do imperfect things (we have no control over) happen to us?
A big zit; a booger in our nose, a fly that’s down, an accidental backend noise….
things that aren’t permanent, aren’t tragic, aren’t contagious, they’re just, well…..humbling.
This jack-o-blemish stands as a reminder that I’m not all that; and I better never think I am.
God who made me; is the God who loves me; 
is precisely the God to put a nice head on my zit, 
the head on my neck gets too big.

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