When I was around 8, I somehow caught a bug that has only spread with time. 

It’s a deceiving little bug, because for 26 years, I diagnosed it as mere “desire.”
As of late, God’s loudly diagnosed it as DISEASE.
A disease that causes an Ache to be noticed; a Pain to be acknowledged; a Yearning to be needed.
What a yucky disease to be afflicted by, not to mention downright embarrassing to share. What causes it? I honestly don’t know, so I really can’t tell you. But what I want more than anything, what I am praying for harder than anything…
is for God to drill way down,
remove this disease,
and heal any scars its left behind.
In his final hours, Jesus washed feet, didn’t He…
Now, I have another reason…
when we are washing feet, we are looking DOWN;
when we are looking down, we can’t look around to see who’s noticing.
Jesus only wanted to be noticed by the Father, with that,
He received the best acknowledgement ever….to be eternally seated next to Him.

“God, please help me. I really want to get this right…to be so filled with you that there’s no empty space I try to fill with the applause of others. God, if I’m never acknowledged again on Earth, it’s all good, ’cause I’ve already been acknowledged by You, that’s all I need!”
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