Since 1981, I’ve had shady lungs: repeated pneumonia in my lower lungs; once in the mid-lung; and DNA-testing shows my bronchi are malFUNKtioning : )
I debated over this post cause the last few have been about me. But after praying about it for 2 days, this is the only idea God’s given me.
Blog-Reader-Friend, If you have an ongoing affliction, you have an ongoing job.
Yes, that sounds brash, but when we sign up to be a Christ-follower, we sign up to be a Christ-leader. And affliction is a vehicle for that leadership. 
When I think about 26 years of lung dealings, I think about hospital stays where pastors laid hands on me; where my parents would seek treatment with faith; where nurses & doctors enter my hospital room & see bibles, hear Christian tunes, & encounter prayerful and encouraging visitors. I think about God being in the midst of it all & using it to touch lives far from Him.
And so…I’ll close with this charge…pray for our affliction, but as we do, leverage its incurability.

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