I’m reading Genesis. Today, when I saw the word “nimrod” in chapter 10, I was intrigued. 
I knew nimrod as an old slang word for fool, but Genesis 10Wikipedia and thedictionary confirmed something I didn’t know: Nimrod was the grandson of Noah, a mighty fighter; a king of a great city; and did all of this before the Lord.AND, stay with me….Nimrod gets the trophy for being the FIRST in the bible to be written about such things! Man, all those years our parents busted out w/ the “nimrod” rip, and 20 years later, I discover it isn’t a rip at all, it’s a compliment. Seriously, here’s what I discovered:
Sure, Nimrod’s story BEGINS the legacy of mighty-leadership before the Lord; but we have the potential to be the FINAL legacy of it!
How are you being a Nimrod?

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