Today, for reasons I’ll only know in Heaven, God chose me to be in proximity to 2 people I don’t know. 
One of them was an orphaned immigrant. Too young to have to act so old. 
Her pain drilled down so deep, its the only expression she showed on her face. 
As she talked to me, I could hear her, but I could not reach her.

The other one appeared to know better, but is moving herself (and her 3 kids) in with her boyfriend anyway. “Why get married? I’ve already been screwed twice…” 
As she cussed about wantin’ to pray & “get back to mass,” I could tell her pain was drilled down deep too. I sensed that any “spiritual advice,” would’ve only came across as judgement, so I refrained.
But I’m frustrated.
Jesus heard cries, but He healed as He did.

I heard cries, but I just stood there.
You know, if one of them would’ve fallen down, I would’ve physically picked them up.But what do you do with a spiritually fallen one? How do you reach down and lift thatup?
Will you please pray for me? I know I will cross paths with them again. 
I know I can’t save them, but something in me wants to help them.

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