Yesterday, I drove by the ER and decided to stop in ’cause I had nothing else to do. OK, not really. I went to get some treatment for my lungsMany-a-time have I spent in the ER, every time I get an ID bracelet. No medical staff will do or administer anything without checking you against your ID bracelet. Though it offers a secure feeling, one can still feel a bit insecure‘Cause even if I adamantly & confidantly proclaim: “HEY, I’M HEATHER! I SWEAR! I KNOW WHO I AM! DON’T YOU BELIEVE ME?” 
They don’t. They can’t. They must check the ID bracelet.
But that’s just life in the ER; that is not life with God.
God always knows you. 
You will never have an insecure feeling in your heart that you are unknown in His mind.
I will never say to Him, “Hey, I’m Heather, I swear! Don’t you believe me?”
You will never need an ID bracelet with God. Long before He made the world, 
He made an ID bracelet of you in His heart. He extremely knows where you are, 
and more importantly…who!

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