he he he…I had a facial done for my jacked up face and when the aesthetician walked out, I whipped out my cell-phone, took this picture of myself, checked emails & listened to my phone messages.
With treatments like facials or massages where I guess you’re suppose to shut-up, relax and receive, I prefer to shake my left foot, converse and receive.  
For me (and maybe you) to truly surrender to relaxation is actually too UNrelaxing. If masseuses and aestheticians required that I lie still, close my eyes & close my mouth, it wouldn’t be fair. ‘Cause as they’d work to relax me, I’d work myself into a wrecking ball of tension & nerves.
At least I always give masseuses & aestheticians a courtesy-warning—that I’ll need to talk and/or move to truly have a relaxing session. But what makes me laugh is: if I’m allowed to relax in a way that’s most meaningful to me, then what have I done to the person providing the service? I wonder if providing a service to relax memeans the one who provided it now needs something to relax them???

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