>As I was listening to this weekend’s message, I thought of something:
God makes us cheddar; we become swiss.

I was made in the solid image of God: destined to be whole; wired to be filled.
When God came into my life, all the substance I would ever need was put in.
When He filled my heart, He filled every part of my life.
There was never meant to be any holes…

But along the way, holes got added to what was meant to be solid.
Sometimes, I get discouraged that my life has made me hole-y.
Thankfully, I am loved by a God who fights for me to be whole.
When we ask God to fill the spaces, God gloriously descends an extra dose of Hissubstance into our existance.
Isn’t it sweet that in the instant of a prayer, He will fill the holes life’s left behind…
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