A few posts ago, I told you about a girl I didn’t know and the hell she is going through. I’d like to continue with her story, we’ll call her “Hope.” 
Since meeting her last week, God has not let me forget her. 
But she is so unapproachable, & I’m so unqualified, so I’m really depending on Him. After a few days of waiting on God, He guided my next step for Hope. I felt Him say, “Do something a mom would do, but has never done, because Hope has no mom.” So I got her a gift with no agenda. A gift for the occasion of Just-Because. I found a pretty box and put a new pair of delicate crystal earrings in them. I also felt God nudge me to notaccompany this gift with words. So I put a gold bow on it, but no card. I dropped it off to her place of employment, but asked her employer to give it to her. 
And that was that.
Yesterday, I saw her. She came up to me with her head looking down and said, “Thank you.”
And that was that.
But as I was leaving, I noticed the earrings in her ears….and that’s a start.
Please pray for Hope. 
She hasn’t met me….she’s getting to know Jesus through me. 
And that’s just the beginning.

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