Joel Osteen stretched me in his first book, the way he prays for the seemingly insignificant things. Since reading that, I’ve never felt silly about doing the same. I know 2 people who have lost something. Perhaps insignificant to us, but certainly significant to them. 
My man, Raul, lost his iPhone today. It has really bummed him out, and I feel bad for him.


And my friend, Oana lost her bible. She’s had this her entire Christian life. It had memories, photographs, and her love notes to God. I feel bad for her too.

Let’s pray that if these items are in the hands of another, that he or she would have Good Samaritan hands and return them to their faithful, rightful owners.
LATER ON THIS DAY: Our home phone rang. It was a young guy named Alex. He found Raul’s iPhone at the movie theater and went thru Raul’s contacts til he found a # for our home. When Raul went to the theater to get his iPhone, he met Alex & offered him a cash reward…twice. Alex refused both times. Alex actually knew Raul because his family members attend our church & Alex had heard them mention his name before. Alex is only 17; Alex doesn’t go to church. But Alex is who God elected to answer our prayers for this. And now, we pray God answers ours by using this to show Himself to Alex.
THE NEXT DAY: I received a call from Jen Jaquith. She had read my blog and was aware of this missing bible. Well, get this!!! Today, she was in Room 126 at the church & she saw a bible. When she opened it, she discovered it was Oana’s!!!
I had NO idea this post would end the way it did. I’d like to close it with 2 things.
1. To God: “Thank you!”
2. To You: “PRAY about EVERYTHING–Christ died for your life & He cares about the littlest details of it!”
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