Ever since Andy took his first step, he has stepped over the elevator “cracks.”
We’ve never told him to do this, he just does. I was thinking about this…

Andy has always been so much bigger than those elevator cracks, yet healways steps over them. How could he look at these thin, little slats & actually think he’d fall through?
What triggers this fear in his little mind? I rest easy ’cause I know Andy will outgrow this,
but indulge me a little…what if he didn’t?
What if Andy avoided elevator cracks the rest of this life based on the premise, “Hey, its just something I’ve always been afraid to do? “
Can you imagine? 
Andy is a kid—he’ll have little, unfounded fears that he’ll soon outgrow.
But as adults–do we have little, unfounded fears we’ve yet to outgrow?
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