Many homes keep Reader’s Digest in the bathrooms. This is a shame! This magazine is such a sophisticated compilation of current events, brain-teasers, and inspiring stories; the bathroom seems like such an insulting location! Anyway, one of my fav’s in RD is “Word Power.” Leaders have power, so do words, so leader-power & word-power go hand-in-hand. This month, RD pulled 14 (of the 100) new words officially added to the Webster dictionary. 
Tell me how you scored and I’ll tell ya how I scored! Good luck!

  1. abaya (n.) – A: loose-fitting robe. B: rice dish. C: temporary inactivity.
  2. viewshed (n.) – A: political observation. B: visible environment. C: border watchtower.
  3. bobo (n.) – A: online posting error. B: bourgeois bohemian. C: devoted friend.
  4. yellowcake (n.) – A: rich severance package. B: deadly fungus. C: uranium ore.
  5. andropause (n.) – A: drop in air pressure. B: decrease in testosterone. C: time during computer restart.
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