As a kiddo, I had a vivid imagination. My environment and circumstances fostered this: growing up on a farm; growing up with only brothers; growing up as the frequent new kid on the block.
These sorts of things left me to…well…to me and my imagination! 

I’m grateful for this, its allowed me to journey back into my world. Hey, wanna take a trip with me?
It was like 1979, I was with my mom, we were driving near an intersection in Bowling Green, Ohio, when I noticed pink, plastic, blow-up Easter bunnies in a storefront window. And so…in my own little imaginary world, I mustered up the conclusion that that’s where babies come from. Like the plastic bunnies, babies are plastic & on display in a store window too. When mommies & daddies want a baby, they buy one from the store. Then, one of the store-people “adds” the life, turning plastic-blow-up-baby into a real-life one.
That’s either quite an imagination or quite a hallucination!
But it makes me laugh. What a matter-of-fact, innocent conclusion I had come to as a kid!
Either way, let me encourage you. If you had a vivid imagination as a kid, and have a vivid memory as an adult, don’t take that for granted. Truly, give God thanks. And seriously, start writing those memories down
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